Lacey Haynes & Flynn Talbot

Come Together | The secret to deep, meaningful, elevated sex

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After experiencing the age-old cliché of their sex life drying up in their long-term relationship, Lacey and Flynn decided to do something about it. After years of dedicated effort exploring and understanding their sexual woes, they began having the best sex of their lives, and decided to share their findings with the world.

This book is a manifesto and guide, showing singles and couples who have ever struggled with lacklustre sex or a desire-divide how to create a thriving sex life for both. Gone are the days of rejection, obligatory sex and dry spells. It's time now for elevated sex that's deep, meaningful and hugely pleasurable for both partners.

Come Together is a no-nonsense guide, replete with unconventional teachings distilled from personal and professional experience delivered in a way that shows that Lacey and Flynn have done the work, shared the work and know the work works. They saved their relationship through better sex, and they might just be able to save yours, too.

Autor_in: Lacey Haynes & Flynn Talbot

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Lacey Haynes and Flynn Talbot are sex and relationship coaches, have been together for over ten years and live in the English countryside with their two small children. They are the hosts of the top-charting podcast, Lacey & Flynn Have Sex, in which they have sex live to show the raw, unfiltered truth of sex in long-term relationships. The show has been heard in 180 countries, had over 400k downloads worldwide and been featured in The Guardian, The Sun, The Daily Mail and on ITV's This Morning, among others.

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